Monday, July 2, 2012

Some Quick Storage

Our bathroom is quickly running out of storage space. We have the space underneath the two sinks, plus 4 drawers in between. There is a closet in the bathroom, but I turned it into our shoe closet quite a while ago since there wasn't room in our walk-in closet for shoes. So, no linen closet means towels must go under the sink, along with cleaning supplies, various medicines, toilet brush (can't have that out in the open with toddlers running around!), my make-up, hair dryer, brushes, straightener, you get the idea. We have a lot of stuff that needs a home. Enter these babies from Home Depot:

I got two of the 36" shelves for now. I will probably add a third on top in a couple pay-days. (How will I reach it, you ask? Fun fact: closed toilet doubles as a step stool! Genius, I know.) I could make my own shelves for cheaper probably, but the fact that I installed both of these in about 5 minutes makes the price tag worth it. Sometimes time is a precious commodity when you have two babies running around! (Or one running around, and one scooching backwards all over the floor...) Anyway, I didn't take a before picture, but just imagine that area with a blank wall and no shelves. That vertical space was definitely some valuable storage real estate that I can't believe I am just now getting around to using! I already plopped my make-up bag in that basket ($3 from goodwill) and my favorite earrings live in that turquoise ceramic egg crate on the top shelf. I need to add more to decorate, and once it's finished I will try to get a better picture. But for now, I am excited to have that egg crate off the counter and an almost empty drawer!

And, just because I love this guy so much, here is a photo of my squishy trying to eat my purse while I was packing for our trip to Louisiana:
Pardon my crappy picture taking, I was having trouble getting it to focus. Must keep practicing!

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