Friday, June 29, 2012

Need to get something off my chest...

I am crushing majorly on a sofa right now. Is that weird? I came thisclose to committing $2k on my credit card for this beauty and the matching loveseat:
It's the Ella leather sofa from Macy's, and is beautiful, and super long, and relatively inexpensive for such a nice looking leather sofa. BUT it is a closeout, which means that since I'm not buying it now I will never be able to buy it. Insert major sad face here. So, to heal my broken sofa heart, I started searching for others that I liked as much to remind myself that there are other fish in the sea. I came across this one, and I really like it too:

It's the Thomasville Carina sofa. But it does not come in leather, so that stinks. I think it would slip cover nicely though. We plan to move sometime next year, so I am trying to make myself feel better about my crappy sofa by knowing that I won't be sad if it gets messed up in the move. Or better yet, we can sell it right before and not even have to move it at all. We'll see! Anyone else have a furniture obsession? Anyone else have a problem trying to find something cheap that is "close enough" to the thing they REALLY want that is pricier, only to find that you should have just waited and saved your pennies for what you really wanted in the first place? Sigh. I have definitely learned some VERY expensive lessons throughout my experience as a first time home buyer and home furnish-er. 

Oh, and maybe leave me a comment and tell me which one you like better! I'm curious which one would be more popular...


  1. You will get that beautiful sofa of your dreams one day, Mama! It might not be that EXACT one, but you'll find it! Keep saving those pennies! :) P.S. Maybe I should start saving MY pennies! I've been looking at houses lately...I want my own SO BADLY!

  2. From a veteran home-owner, stay traditional. As sad as that sounds, home furnishings are like fashion, in one day, out the next. A black skirt is ALWAYS in style, so is a traditional sofa. I really like the Macy's sofa, but it is trendy. The other one is more traditional, but you can add funky pillows, or some other less expensive piece that is not so "yawny." ----my 2 cents.