Saturday, June 9, 2012

Catching Up

Last weekend I was lucky enough to talk Patrick into going to the peninsula for a quick hike. We went to Lake Cushman and walked around an "easy" trail that still kicked my butt since I was carrying 18lbs of Bubba in a ring sling. {I dug through the attic to find my mei tai, but it wasn't in any of the boxes I looked in, so ring sling it was...Patrick needed the Ergobaby for Abigail.} Anyway, I survived, but my back may never be the same! We walked about a mile to a rock river bed where Patrick stopped to let Abigail play for a while. The rock bed was at the bottom of a 5ish foot mud, almost vertical mud straight down. Not the kind of thing I wanted to slide down with Bubba and not be able to get back up. Ring slings aren't exactly made for scaling muddy cliffs. {If you're completely lost and wondering what a ring sling is, here is Abigail in the same sling-in-question as a teeny baby:} Here is a great one from Maya Wrap, but you can find them cheaper on Etsy:

Anyway, Patrick walked out about half a football field away from me, and started unbuckling the Ergobaby. Well, he unbuckled the waistband FIRST (???) and when he moved his arms to unbuckle the straps Abigail fell straight down onto the river rocks. Poor baby wasn't happy. I screamed like a crazy person when I saw her fall, and then I was so sad when she was crying and I couldn't go make her feel better! I eventually did make my way down there though, and snapped some pictures of Abigail spending some quality time with her dad. Here he is teaching her how to throw rocks with proper form:

 And here she is giving him some smooches:

{OK, so she missed during this particular shot, but she usually gets him right on the lips!}

And here is a picture I really like, even though I didn't really get Abigail in focus, and she's not looking at the camera...

On our walk back from the river bed, we encountered this little guy:
Yep that's right, folks. That there is a slug that someone used as an ashtray. Please forgive the lack of focus on the actual slug, I was in a hurry and forgot I had switched to manual focus while taking pictures of Abigail. Anyway, this poor little slug was just making his way across the path and I have to say it was one of the strangest things I've happened upon in my life. I yelled for Patrick to come back {he is the world's fastest walker, so naturally he was several yards ahead of me} and he actually plucked the cigarette butt out of it's head. It must have been there a while, because there was lots of slug goo that came out stuck to the tip, like it had been healing around the cigarette. It really makes me lose faith in humanity in general to find things like this. Why would you put your cigarette out on a poor little slug? Sigh. 

On a lighter note...

Another bright idea I had recently was to make some homemade playdoh. I got a wild hair up my you-know-what a couple weeks ago and decided to make playdoh with Abigail. I made a special trip to the store to get flour, since we don't keep it in the house {we try to keep a "paleo" pantry so I am not tempted to do things like make a random cake or batch of cookies and eat it all the same day...not that I do that...}. I ended up picking a recipe that needed to be made in a a pot on the stove, so I made it while she was napping and planned for her to help me knead in the food coloring to color the dough. She was a little less than impressed. I should have known, this girl got a tiny tub of playdoh when she was trick or treating and I was so excited to play with it with her when we got home, but she cared more about the container than playing with the squishy good stuff. I guess we are still a ways off from enjoying "bigger" little kid activities like this. I think I've decided I would be OK with just skipping this second year. Nothing good happens during year 2, they throw tantrums, they can't play "for real" yet, you have to potty train...what a bummer! Come on, THREE! Oh wait, she's not even two yet...sigh. I hope this year goes fast. Anywho, here is the best picture I could get while she was pushing a cookie cutter into the dough:

{notice that she is still not looking at me?}

 One "bigger" little kid thing she does like to do is play with puzzles. My mom sent this alphabet puzzle recently and she tried to play with it, but once she took out ALL the letters, she got a little frustrated!

And now, my first DIY project to post on here! We got this pine computer desk from one of my favorite local furniture stores, The Woodshed. They sell unfinished wood furniture. It's super solid and a great little desk. I stained it black, because at the time we were loving espresso colored furniture. {My tastes have since changed, and I am slowly but surely trying to get our furniture to be lighter, and airier (??) feeling} I decided I wanted to paint this desk a fun color and put it in Abigail's room as a nightstand and also for future schoolwork, since we plan to homeschool. Below is a photo of the desk after I sanded it to get it ready to be primed:

So there you have it! That is all that we've been up to lately. I will post a reveal tomorrow to show the finished product of the desk, so stay tuned!

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