Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby Weight

I am still working on ditching my baby weight (from BOTH babies) and just wanted to share that I made it back down to 142 this morning! This is exciting for me because I've been here twice before, since Bubba was born, and this time I am determined not to go above it again!! A little background, I came home from the hospital weighing 150 after having Abigail, got down to 137 on a good day, usually 140ish then I got knocked up again! Came home from the hospital at about 150 again after losing 9lb 12oz in St. Joe's Emergency Room. So I'm officially 12lbs from my goal of 130 as of today. I know this isn't that exciting to most people, but it's exciting to me and this is MY blog so I'm sharing :-) Maybe if anyone is interested I will do a post about how I lost weight once I hit my goal.

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  1. Good for you! Send me some of your will power.