Sunday, June 10, 2012

Desk Before & After

It's finally finished! Between the crappy weather here in Washington that makes it impossible to spraypaint outside, to the time I spend running after my two kids and dog, to timing my painting just right so Abigail won't be going in her room for a while {that's where I've been painting this thing, since it has the most space/fewest things to cover up, and don't worry I have all the windows open and the vent on} anyway, all that to say it's been tough to get this thing finished up! But it finally is finished! As a reminder, here is the before, which I had already stained black:

I primed it with Kilz:
 {by the way, that's an awesome price at wayfair, this stuff is about $10 or $12 bucks at wally world!}
Then I let it sit for a couple days to "cure" since apparently you're supposed to do that for increased durability {a.k.a. your paint won't chip off as easily}. Then I coated it in a bunch of thin coats of Krylon Ocean Breeze spray paint. I waited about a day in between for it to "cure" as well, since this is going to be in a kid's room and will probably get beat up on quite a bit. After lots of patience, here is the final product!

I LOVE it. I am obsessed with this color. If you didn't notice, it's the same color I used to paint the frame for Abigail's pin board. I would probably spray paint her walls this color if we weren't moving. Well, and that would probably be crazy expensive. Anyway, I'm really loving how it turned out and and definitely on a furniture painting kick. Also, don't mind the boring white duvet. Her duvet cover is on backorder til August. Sad mommy :-(

Hopefully soon my next project to share will be my friend Lindsey's curtains!

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