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Master Bedroom

This is the view from the door of our master bedroom, pardon the lack of focus, not sure what happened there... Anywho, it is QUITE the work-in-progress. The dresser to the right of the bed is currently for sale on craigslist, then the black trash can is the diaper pail (we cloth diaper), and that laundry basket has blankets and clean diapers in it that need to be put away. Then obviously our dresser in the corner has a bunch of stuff on it. Pretty much all I did to pretty this room up for the photo was make the bed! It has taken me SO long to figure out a color scheme for this room. I hate the current paint color, and now that I have picked a color scheme, I wish it was still the gray color we painted it the first day we moved in! Oh well. Next house? 

This is the view into our bedroom from the bathroom door; and a lovely view of all the random things currently living on our dresser, plus Stewie's crate, a down comforter that needs to be packed away, and our very full dirty clothes hamper! Our room is teensy, I hope one day to have a master bedroom big enough for a seating area. But for now, this is it. It's not much to look at, but our bed is a tempurpedic so at least it's a nice place for sleeping! I think I am planning to sell this big dresser as well and get a tall wardrobe instead so I can make shelves and have bins the size I really want, since these drawers are super shallow, don't pull out very far, and are just not really functional for what I want. 

Ok, here are some more photos of our house. Patrick will probably kill me for putting these up because our house is a disaster right now! I will clean it today and put up some pictures of what it looks like when it's picked up too. It still looks pretty bad though, because nothing goes with anything else, and it is just not my style or taste anymore at all!

So, without further ado, here is our entryway:

This is our front door, and teeny entryway. The rug and giant urns in the big window are from Afghanistan. Patrick likes them, but they are very much not my style. They do go OK with the red, but I am not loving the red anymore, even though we paid like, $500 to have 20 square feet painted way up high where I couldn't reach! Woops. I am thinking about looking into scaffolding in the next few months and repainting. Shhh...don't tell Patrick!

Please forgive my horrible photography; this is our entryway from our stairs. This is a painting by one of our friends of some angels. It is a great painting, and our friend is VERY talented, but again, not my style at all! I am going to work on our entry soon. Here is my to do list for the entry:
  • maybe add some faux board and batten? It's all over the blogs right now, and I think it might give some character to a pretty boring entry. 
  • new art!
  • paint or replace console table
  • find a new home for that stroller, lol

Here is a terrible photo of our kitchen as it is currently. I have pretty much finished painting the top cabinets. Obviously I have some more hardware to put on, but the painting is done except for two small doors over the fridge (you can see that in the next photo). We are thinking about putting butcher block countertops in, so I am not painting the bottom cabinets  until we decide for sure whether we will be messing with counter tops or not.

There are those two missing doors! And also lots of mess. That wood that you can see at the end of the upper cabinets will eventually be covered by open shelving that goes down to the bar. It shouldn't be difficult to add, but I can't do it until we decide our plans for the countertops.

Here is our pantry. It originally had 4 or 5 wire shelves all the way across. I was tired of looking at ugly wire, scuffed up off white walls, and unorganized mess. So I fixed it up with $62 worth of Antonius shelving from Ikea and some paint. Now it is a pretty, semi-organized mess. That big white board is my menu planner. I will post about that later. I got the plan from pinterest! 

Here is our living room. I want everyone to take not of all the awkward things in this room that make it impossible to furnish. 

  1. The big window. No sofa in front of the huge window. Even if we could, it would be too long and block the back door.
  2. The fireplace. The space between the fireplace and the corner is too small to put a sofa. 
  3. Putting the sofa on the wall that it's on in this photo makes for an awkward space near the back door. 
  4. Next to the closest shelving unit is the garage door. I mean RIGHT next to it, as in, it butts up to the door frame. So if I wanted to make the living area closer to the kitchen and put a dining table next to the big window, I couldn't without blocking the garage door. 
So basically, there are lots of large obstacles in this room that I am trying so hard to overcome! The first thing I've done to make this room more livable is adding a cable jack (is that what they're called?) to the fireplace wall so the TV could be on that side. Since it was an outside wall, it only cost me $35 to have the comcast guy come out and install it! Prior to having it installed, I had a cable running all the way across the living room floor under a big rug.

Speaking of rugs, I have a beautiful gray and white trellis 8x10 rug from Pottery Barn Teen that usually lives in here. But when we got a puppy, I didn't want him peeing all over it, so this tiny little shag rug is taking it's place for now. It's only out so I can have a soft place for T Patrick to do tummy time. Fingers crossed I can put the nice rug back out in a couple months!

Ok, here comes the scariest part of our house right now, cue the scary movie music! This is our loft area at the top of the stairs. It used to be our living area with the TV but the wall where the TV was is shared with Abigail's room and once she was older and sleeping in there at night, we couldn't watch movies without waking her up. So we moved the TV downstairs. The built-in desk is a project that I took directly from Jen at IheartOrganizing. It obviously needs some styling and organizational help. I haven't been really in the mood to do that though, because NO ONE WILL BUY THAT STUPID COUCH. I HATE having this big ugly brown couch in this room that was supposed to be my mom cave when I built the dest. I had big plans for open space, with just an occasional chair and small side table where that giant sofa was. But now it just sits there after listing it over and over on craigslist for 6 months. :-( This room really isn't AS bad as it looks. All of the bins are baby clothes that need to go in the attic, but I leave them out until they are full because it's a pain to go in and out that tiny attic door every time one of the kids outgrows something! (Which is ALL THE TIME.) My plans for this room are pretty simple. I just want to get rid of that couch, paint, and get the dog potty trained so the giant rolled up rug can go back downstairs. 

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