This is my family. We are just a regular family of four, consisting of a wife (me) who drives her husband crazy painting anything and everything in our house, and building random things on a whim. My husband is in the Army and is gone like, half of the time, so I am always trying to find ways to organize our chaotic life so I can manage it by myself. I am always switching out furniture, implementing new organizational ideas, cleaning schedules, and all sorts of things to find my groove and figure out what works for us! 

We have two awesome little babies who are 19 months apart. Our daughter Abigail just turned two, and our son is five months old. They wear the same diaper size. Our little man is a moose! You can read here about his quick entry into the world, and if you are a sucker for birth stories like I am, here{will turn this into a link once I actually post the story} is the story of my daughter's water birth. 

Our house was a little bit of an impulse buy when we first got married back in July 2008. It is a 2-bed 2-bath 1500sq ft house with the most awkward door, window and fireplace placement you ever saw. So a lot of my projects focus on figuring out how to make our weird "great room" functional, livable, comfy, and not hideous. We made lots of mistakes in choosing paint colors, furniture and decor when we first moved in and had money to blow, and now I am busy trying to fix those mistakes on a budget since we have two kids and I am no longer working! My taste has also come full circle from dark, earthy and mediterranean to light, airy and spring-y. So feel free to follow along while I try to make my house a pleasant place to spend my days!

Oh, and one more thing, the name of my blog: Woodlawn Lane. I have been trying to start up a business selling cloth diapers for a while and went through a few names, and nothing was quite right. Then I thought it might be fun to sell made-to-order curtains and pillow covers since I love to sew. So I wanted a name that didn't limit the business to diapers or baby items. Woodlawn Lane is the street I grew up on, and I always thought it was a perfect street name. It conjures up great childhood memories for me (I spent 17 years there living nextdoor to my two best friends). It sounded pretty, and non-specific, so I checked the URL and it was available. It must have been meant to be! I loved that little 10 (ish?) house dead end street, and now its legacy can continue in my life through this blog and my future business ventures.

And that's me in a nutshell!

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  1. I love this!! I am so proud and impressed! Woodlawn Lane lives on!!! :)