Thursday, August 9, 2012

Diaper Stash Love

If you use cloth diapers, you probably love peeking in at other cloth users' stashes. I know I do. I am going to share mine now with you :-)

That right there is my entire stash for TWO kids. Luckily, they have been wearing the same size diaper for the last two months. My stash consists of 6 large AMP AIO (all in ones) on the left, then two tallulah baby night time diapers in front of those (one bamboo and one hemp), 6 AMP hemp 3 layer inserts (the red stitched ones), 17 AMP bamboo inserts (if you are super sleuth-y and chuckling at me for counting wrong, there are two missing from this picture that were in my diaper bag), then 14 AMP Duo covers, some large, some one-sized. This set up is SO simple, and is enough for me to diaper both kiddos and do laundry every other day, and sometimes even every third day. Not pictured here, I also have liners for Abigail's diaper so I don't have gross toddler poop in my washing machine. Ew. 

Here is a close up, since I was practicing my artsy blogger photography. Heh. I love these diapers. It's SO easy, and they just don't get much cuter! 

Feel free to check out my for sale page to see what's available for purchase if you are interested in trying out these awesome diapers! I have limited quantities of new stock available, and good bit of gently used. It's not completely updated, so check back soon for more diapers! I am hoping to purchase another order of new diapers soon so stay tuned! 

So there you have it, that's my stash! I love having them out on display. I think they look so adorable stacked up! 

A Bad Day and Some Cabinet Pulls

I have been MIA for a little while. I had a couple long days and long nights last week, and when you have two babies it's almost impossible to catch up when that happens! Not to mention my parents were just in town for almost a week. I'm not sure we were ever home for more than a couple hours for kiddo nap time for 5 days straight! We even went down to Portland to visit the Portland Zoo, which I do not recommend. I keep getting these wild hairs to go to the zoo, thinking it will be soooo fun. My patient husband humors me and we go to the zoo (usually Seattle) and it always sucks! I don't know why I keep trying to go back thinking it will be fun. Isn't that the definition of insanity? I can't really argue with that, since there is no doubt that I lost my sanity a long time ago. Probably about the same time Abigail was born. 

I had a great, productive day after my parents left. I got our house mostly back in order, all of our new purchases put away, etc. I even hung a couple of my new picture frames to start on my gallery wall. I had to remove the frame that I made, and hang it again because our giant Ikea couch sold (YAY!!!!) and our smaller sofa from upstairs moved to its place, so the frame was no longer centered on the wall. I hung it this time with a 3M fake nail; it's a metal strip with a small nailhead sticking out of it that you stick to the wall with a 3M strip. I hung my homemade frame, and 2 11x14 frames from Ikea with these things, and by the end of the evening one of the Ikea frames had already fallen down. 

After all that, I was exhausted and a little sad that I suck at putting up pictures, but at least our house was not a wreck. Then I accidently stayed up til 11 watching the olympics. (My computer is reminding me that accidently is actually spelled accidentally, but I prefer accidently, so it stays.) Anyway, unfortunately for me, my son decided last night was a great night to wake up EVERY 15-30 MINUTES ALL NIGHT LONG. Not cool. So I was a wreck yesterday morning. Abigail didn't get up til around 9am, and was supposed to go to daycare at 9:15. She was being especially obnoxious, throwing herself on the floor in a fit because she couldn't wear her dirty shorts from the day before. I didn't have the patience or energy to make her do what she needed to do to get ready for daycare, so I texted her provider and told her we weren't coming today. I thought I would just rest a little bit, and then tackle some more of my to-do list, but my photo wall had other plans. I was sitting on the couch complaining about my exhaustion to my dad on the phone when BAM! My homemade solid wood frame with a large glass panel fell down right onto my head. Not flat on my head, but straight down, skinny edge slamming right into the top of my skull. It fell from my head onto the floor, and thankfully Abigail wasn't hurt, she was just crying in reaction to my fit of rage, curse words, screaming, crying, tearing the remaining frames off the wall and just barely managing not to throw them onto the floor in anger. I spent a good 5 minutes having a panic attack and crying while my poor dad is listening to me whimper about how NOTHING ever goes the way I want it to, even though I try SO HARD to do things to make my house look nice. Even the simplest things find a way to go wrong, EVERY TIME. I am not exaggerating, by the way, this is true. Nothing ever goes the way it is supposed to when it comes to my house. Anyway, now my day is totally ruined, and I pretty much spend the rest of the day in the fetal position feeling sorry for myself and my aching head. I did manage to hand the rest of my pictures though, with nails this time. I don't love the arrangement, but it's better than nothing I guess. And it's better than having 15 thick frames on my kitchen table. 

Now that you've read all about my no good, very bad day, here is a picture of my little Patrick sticking his tongue out to make you (me?) feel better:

One of the things I managed to accomplish on my first day post-parent visit was put all of the drawer pulls on the drawers in our kitchen. Getting them centered in the right spot was kind of a pain in the butt, but after doing the first one, I just lined up the first drawer facing the next drawer, clamped the drawer fronts together, and drilled through the first drawer into the second one. I repeated this for all the drawers, just making sure the first drawer was centered on the drawers that were longer than that one. 
(I used the one white drawer as my first drawer. Patric LOVES that we only have one white drawer right now.) (Not really.) Don't mind the mess on my counter. I hadn't cleaned that up yet when I took these pictures. Obviously.

Here is a close up. It will look really  nice once all the drawers are done! I need to get to work on the next one. One day drawer at a time!

I will try to get caught up this week on what I've been doing. And post photos of my gallery wall. Anybody want to come paint drawers with me?? Anyone else had days so bad you start thinking about going back to work so someone else can raise your kids?? Hopefully I can catch a break soon before this turns into a "read about how exhausted I am ALWAYS" blog.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Six Short Months

It's been a short 6 months, time sure flies when you are exhausted and taking care of 2 babies under the age of 2! (Well, if you want to get technical, I've had two babies less than or equal to the age of 2 since the end of June.) Anywho, my little man's half birthday is today! It really has gone by so fast. It makes me a little sad to think about! I feel like he was just born last week.

He had a 6 month photoshoot today with the fantastic Jennifer Magee, and he did great! He was so smiley, and well behaved. Made his mommy proud! We won't talk about his sister's lack of interest in being feels like a knife through my heart.

I don't have any stats because his 6 month check up is tomorrow, but I will update on here after I get them.

For now, I leave you with this adorableness, courtesy of Miss Jennifer:

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My First "Wedding"

I use the word "wedding" loosely, but if that is what you call getting legally married, then that is what we had four years ago today.

A little background for those that don't know: Patrick is my highschool sweetheart. We started dating in January 2004 when I was a Junior, and he had already graduated in 2003 {thus, I am not HIS high school sweetheart}. Things were great for a couple months, and I was smitten. Then we hit some rough patches and were off and on for several years. Sometimes we were together, and I attended a couple graduations of various Army schools. For some others, we weren't on speaking terms. We danced at his mom's wedding in 2006, and I remember him asking me if I would still marry him one day even if he reenlisted, because he was about to re-up for six more years.

Anyway, after all this back and forth, we finally decided to put a stop to it in April 2008. I was still in school at OSU, and Patrick was in Washington. We rekindled our relationship over the phone, and he deployed just three days after I had reached out to him after over a year of not speaking. We made plans for me to come visit him during his leave that July, and booked our wedding venue for June 13, 2009. I counted down the days til I could see him again, and July finally arrived. I flew to Washington, and we had planned for me to stay until early August, then I would go back for my fall semester at OSU. Patrick had talked about maybe buying a house, but he would be deploying again in just six months and didn't want to have a house sitting unoccupied while he was gone. I suggested having a courthouse wedding just to get the extra BAH so we could buy a house, then even suggested that I could just stay here and live in it.

We looked into the courthouse thing, I even got a cute little white dress, but someone told me it wasn't as romantic as it is in the movies. They said you are just in line at the courthouse with the criminals waiting to hear there charges or go before the judge or whatever. That didn't sound very appealing to me...We talked it over, and Patrick didn't want to do anything ceremonious since we were having our wedding in the Church the next summer. I looked up people who could perform marriages near us, and found a pastor who actually lived in an apartment complex down the street. Awesome! So we make arrangements, and had the most un-ceremonious wedding in the history of weddings.

On a Thursday night, we  knock on the door and no one answers for a little while. We almost chicken out because it was a pretty sketchy apartment complex and we were thinking "wow, THIS is where we are about to get married..." And just as we are going to turn and walk away, a man with spiky hair, horn rimmed glasses, and huge holes in his ears answers the door. Obviously we are pretty surprised by his appearance, given the fact that he was a pastor. After making sure he was indeed able to marry us, and have it count, we go inside. We signed our lives away on a little piece of paper on his small, round bar table with his wife and our roommate at the time as witnesses. His wife was equally "colorful" with retro glasses, pink hair and tattoos. If you would've asked me at any point in my life before this night if I would ever get married by a punk preacher and his punk wife, I would have laughed. But that is what happened!

We did go on to have a beautiful "real" ceremony at St. Patrick's Church in New Orleans the next year to make our marriage official before God. I will write another post about that later, maybe on our next 4th anniversary (June 13, 2013).

I feel so blessed that he is still my best friend, with whom I am very much in love four years later. That's like 20 years in nowadays terms with people divorcing left and right. And I consider our marriage to be in great shape, as our only arguments seem to center around taste in decor, and sometimes my (lack of) housekeeping. I'd say after having two kids in two years, if those are our only problems we are doing pretty ok! Patrick is a great husband, and a great father, and I am so lucky to share my life with such a wonderful man.

And now I will leave you with some photos taken roughly around our anniversary each year, except for the ones, which were taken a couple months after we got married the first time.

This was in November 2008. This is a candid shot that I think is hilarious, I was complaining about being cold, and Patrick was talking to my dad.

This one is better. Oh to be young and thin again. Maybe one day. (Just thin though, obviously I can't go back in time and be young again.)

This was right after our ceremony, we took a horse carriage ride around New Orleans on the way to our reception site. June 13, 2009.

This was taken as we left the hospital with our daughter, on June 27th 2010, a month before our 2nd anniversary, or two weeks after our first, depending on which one you use. Confused yet?

Here is our little family in July 2011. Abigail had just turned one, we had our 2nd and 3rd anniversaries, and I was about 14 weeks into cooking little Patrick, Jr.

And here is our little family's most recent picture, from June 2012.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pumpkin Pie

Something really exciting happened in my house today. My Bubba ate solids!! This might not sound like a big deal, since he is going to be 6 months old in a couple days, and that's the recommended time to start your baby on solids. Well, Abigail didn't eat solids until she was 10 months old. I waited until 6 months with her like I was supposed to, then spent four more anxious months worrying about her development as she continued to push every.single.thing. out of her mouth. I even took her to an occupational therapist to see if we could pinpoint the problem. Bam. She ate like a champ at the appointment, like she had been eating solid food her whole life. Of course. So I feel ridiculous even being there, but the OT was very nice about it and gave me lots of helpful information about what, and how much I should expect her to be eating. Anyway, on with the story.

I wanted something sweet today with lunch, and also needed some fiber (TMI? it happens.) so I made myself some pumpkin pie in a bowl. {A can of plain pumpkin, generous amounts of pumpkin pie spice(nutmeg, allspice, ginger), cinnamon, a little butter, and a little brown sugar, in the microwave for a minute and a half to melt the butter and sugar, relatively delicious.} I gave some to Abigail first, because she always wants to eat the same thing I am eating. Then Patrick ate like half of it, and finally I get around to eating some myself, and I think "hmm I wonder if Bubba would eat this."

There was probably 1/2 a cup left at this point, and I gave him a bite to taste. I noticed that he closed his mouth around the spoon, and REALLY thought about it. (Let me first say that I have tried solids only a handful of times, we've tried apples and sweet potatoes from the jar, both with not much luck). After he tasted it, I gave him another bite. He actually closed his mouth around the spoon on purpose! With the other foods, I've just kind of wiped the food on the roof of his mouth, pretty much forcing him to eat it. Or spit it out. He did a little of both. But today!! He loved it! He would get so excited when I brought the spoon to his mouth. After a while he had probably eaten a good 1/3 of a cup! That is a lot for a baby who's never eaten anything but milk before!

I am so very excited about this development. I guess he just needed to eat something yummy instead of nasty baby food jars. I guess it's time to bust out the Baby Bullet and make my boy some food! Now I just have to figure out how to keep Abigail from getting upset when she can't have what he is having. Oh well, we'll see. 

And now, here is an adorable sequence of photos I like to call "the story of a bite." Enjoy :-)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Table Transformation

Let's see if I can get this post written up in the next 20 minutes before Abigail gets up from her nap. Bubba is already crying from the other room, but if you read anything I say on facebook you know that's a sore subject for me right now. The boy is just boycotting sleep. Anyway. I have a table. It's from Ikea, and it's great. Very simple. It's this one, the Stornas table:'s dark brown. I am obsessed with painting anything and everything white these days, so a few weeks ago I decided on a whim to paint the bottom part of our table white. Just the legs, and those boards running under the table top. I used the same paint that I am using on our cabinets, which claims to be a paint & primer in one. Don't believe the hype. It's not true. I don't know how they can even put that on their label and not get sued for false advertising. But I digress. I put on two, maybe three coats, and after a couple weeks there were already chips and peeling places. I decided it needed some REAL primer to really hold the paint on there.

Earlier this week, I got down and dirty and sanded off all the paint. What a pain. {but I learned my lesson! I will always prime first!} I painted on some kilz from the can. I would have loved to just used the spray paint but I couldn't get the table outside, and even if I could, there was nowhere to actually do it. So I just used a craft sponge brush and painted it on.

Then I taped up everything, used some aluminum foil, and some sheets, and whipped out my awesome paint sprayer to make the paint nice and even all over and avoid brush strokes.

Here was my little setup:

Don't mind Abigail's weird face, I guess I caught her mid-chew. This is what my house looked like for a couple hours, but luckily I did get it all cleaned up before Patrick got home from work. 

I didn't have anything else I could think of to use, and didn't want to run to Lowes just for drop cloths and stuff, so I taped foil around the edge. I felt pretty resourceful. 

I really like the white. I have big plans to sand the top and re-stain it a cherry color. Patrick says we can't do that right now though because the other furniture in our dining/living area is espresso colored and it would look weird. I agree, so I guess I'll just have to do something about that, huh? ;-)

Here is a random photo of my new owl from Goodwill. He was $1.99, and had some dirty spots on him. I gave him a couple coats of white gloss spraypaint, and a coat of spray polycrylic and now there he is on our mantle. 

Just want to take a moment to announce that Abigail can draw circles! Kind of. If you look in this picture, she is actually drawing spirals instead of just the zig-zag scribbles she usually does. And the best part is that she does it when I ask her to draw circles. I'm glad she's learning. I know she is very observant, and smart, but I just get so worried because she was so slow to talk, and still am a little worried now that she doesn't ask questions. But I'm sure I am just being paranoid. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pinteresting Day

I want to keep up with posting, but I am so tired I haven't been doing much projecting. The good news is, yesterday Abigail and I had a great day. I finally got to spend some real, quality time with her. We played outside for a while, read lots of stories, and had a great bedtime that wasn't rushed. It was definitely a much needed day with my baby girl! I can't wait to get that print from my last post up in a frame next to my bed to remind me every day to enjoy my sweet babies.

T Patrick is going to be crawling any day now. He is up on all fours like a champ, has been for like a month now, and now he is really rocking and ready to go. He just has to figure out how to do it :-) We brought out the pack n play last night to try getting him used to sleeping on a flat surface again. He slept pretty well last night really. I think he only woke up once at 3, but I could be wrong. I had to let Stewie outside at 12:30, and everything in the middle of the night just kind of runs together for me. So we'll just be optimistic and say he only woke up once. I brought a dining room chair in our room for now to nurse him in until we can get the Tullsta chair from Ikea. Which I've discovered is really a necessity, because I almost fell off the dining chair multiple times during our nursing session last night. I am pretty wobbly when I'm half asleep, so arms to keep my contained are a must!

Abigail had daycare this morning, so I was able to get a bit of work done on my friend's curtains. I am inching my way towards being done, but it is taken much longer than I hoped it would. So I think a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Lindsey is necessary for having patience with me!

Once Abigail got home, I got to work on painting the bottom of our kitchen table. I will be writing a full post on that sometime when I can get the photos together.

And now, for the meat of this post, I am leaving you with some stuff I am LOVING on Pinterest right now. Because who doesn't love some house eye candy??

Isn't that kitchen amazing? Click on the source to see the before and be even more amazed. Best thing is that it only cost a little over $1000! It looks pretty easy to turn your kitchen into something light and bright like this! (Although there is nothing easy about painting cabinets when you have two kids under two!)

This night stand is awesome. And also kind of simple. I think maybe I will make it one day...? I emailed the designer about it, and apparently it's SUPER SPECIAL because it cost over $1000. Yep. I REALLY think I could make this though...stay tuned! I also love that pillow fabric.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I want these so bad for Abigail's room! They totally go with her new curtains I made her recently and that pin board. Love.

I have been drooling over board and batten lately. It's everywhere, everyone's doing it, and consider me on board. I love it! I really think I want to do it in our entry. We'll see if that happens this winter. If not, I will definitely be doing some in our next abode!

That's all for now folks, little bubba is calling me.