Thursday, August 9, 2012

Diaper Stash Love

If you use cloth diapers, you probably love peeking in at other cloth users' stashes. I know I do. I am going to share mine now with you :-)

That right there is my entire stash for TWO kids. Luckily, they have been wearing the same size diaper for the last two months. My stash consists of 6 large AMP AIO (all in ones) on the left, then two tallulah baby night time diapers in front of those (one bamboo and one hemp), 6 AMP hemp 3 layer inserts (the red stitched ones), 17 AMP bamboo inserts (if you are super sleuth-y and chuckling at me for counting wrong, there are two missing from this picture that were in my diaper bag), then 14 AMP Duo covers, some large, some one-sized. This set up is SO simple, and is enough for me to diaper both kiddos and do laundry every other day, and sometimes even every third day. Not pictured here, I also have liners for Abigail's diaper so I don't have gross toddler poop in my washing machine. Ew. 

Here is a close up, since I was practicing my artsy blogger photography. Heh. I love these diapers. It's SO easy, and they just don't get much cuter! 

Feel free to check out my for sale page to see what's available for purchase if you are interested in trying out these awesome diapers! I have limited quantities of new stock available, and good bit of gently used. It's not completely updated, so check back soon for more diapers! I am hoping to purchase another order of new diapers soon so stay tuned! 

So there you have it, that's my stash! I love having them out on display. I think they look so adorable stacked up! 

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