Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Big Changes!

Well this has just been a big week for my BIG little Abigail. After a couple nights of failed story time, I decided to get her a real TWIN bed! When I tried to put her in her bed, tuck her in and read her a story while kneeling next to her toddler bed, she would always want to climb out to sit on my lap for story time.  Then one afternoon, we were in her room cleaning when Patrick got home from work and he came upstairs to find us. He thought he would lay on her bed with her and hang out for a bit. Well, the board under the mattress on her toddler bed bowed down so badly, it practically touched the floor. Clearly it was not made to be supporting huge men! That was when I decided we needed a twin bed. 
So we got this one

It definitely does not look white in the photo, but I called the manufacturer and they assured me that it was indeed true white. So I ordered it, and it came OVERNIGHT because is awesome. It took no time to put together, and looks so cute! I will post real pictures later when I get her bedding situation figured out. So far, Abigail loves being able to cuddle in bed at bedtime/naptime! 

Our next big change: forward facing in the car!! She is a couple weeks shy of her 2nd birthday, and starting to get annoyed a lot more in the car. So I decided it was time. Patrick and I are looking for a new, smaller car {more about that soon!} and were planning on driving about 45min up north to look at some, and I thought it would be the perfect time to try her out forward facing. I brought her out to the car, set her down in the seat, and she sat there looking around, then whispered, "woooooow!" It was so cute! She was VERY excited to be able to see a whole new view from the car! Plus, we can finally see eachother in the rear view mirror. {I never could get her little mirror to line up with my mirror in order to be able to see her face when she faced backwards}. So far she is having a great time facing the world, but she hasn't figured out yet that she needs to hold onto her blankets better because she can't reach them when they fall she throws them on the floor! Cause and effect, baby. Maybe one day she will learn. 

In Bubba news, he had his four month check up yesterday afternoon. My huge little man was 18lb 5oz, which is around the 99th %ile. My son is bigger than 99% of four month old babies! Crazy! {Abigail was consistently 50% for weight} He has remained steady on his 99% curve since birth, and is exclusively breastfed so the doctor isn't worried. She said he will just be a HUGE man! Which we knew already. Anywho, he was 26in long, which puts him around the 85th percentile. And his head circumference is also in the 85th percentile, but I don't remember how big it was. Possibly 43.5cm. Basically our Bubba is one big dude. And will probably continue to be that way. 

She gave me the go ahead to work on night weaning, and start introducing solids to help him make up the calories if he doesn't nurse more during the day. {He wakes up to eat A LOT in the very early morning after I bring him in our bed for his first night-time snack around 1 or 2}. My new goal for now is to start putting him back in his own bed after he eats, so as not to be tempting him by having him sleep next to the all-night open bar! We will see. I don't plan to do anything serious until we get home from our trip to Louisiana because it would be silly to make progress then shake it up by going out of town. I am looking forward to getting more sleep in the very near future though! But I am sad for all of the crying to come, as well as the fact that my little baby is already growing up on me! Slow down babies!!

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  1. I spent a LOT of time in the kids' beds reading nap-time and bed-time stories. And snuggling. They need that last little bit of security.