Friday, June 8, 2012

A Couple Things

Cute things first...I have been meaning to write about this for a couple days now, but Abigail has started tickling Bubba while he is standing in his exersaucer, and saying "tickle tickle tickle!" It is SO darn CUTE! She sounds more like "teegull" and I just love that she likes to play with him. She is also obsessed with giving him things. She will hand him anything and everything, and say "here go, baby." When he doesn't grab whatever she is trying to give him, she will grab his hand and try to force him to hold whatever toy/thing she has. It's great. {Side note, she says "baby" after just about everything. I call her baby a lot of the time, so whenever she falls, or knocks something over she says "s'OK baby" ("it's OK in abby-speak) or "sorry baby"} She is also really enjoying pretending to sleep everywhere. She grabs her blanket, lays down, and says "night night momma" then squeezes her eyes shut.

"night night mom. Blanket???"

 She is really getting to be a fun age, aside from the terrible twos attitude that creeps out sometimes...I can't wait til she is a bit older and can really start doing fun activities like painting, coloring, playing with playdoh, playing with barbies...I seriously can't wait to PLAY again!

In Bubba news, he is seriously trying HARD to crawl. He is really strong and can lift up his chest easily during tummy time, and today he even lifted up his belly off the floor. Like I totally saw daylight under his tummy. My big strong boy is definitely following in his daddy's footsteps. He is also wearing 12m size clothes. At four months. Crazy. Speaking of four months, he had his check-up on the 5th, and weighed in at a whopping 18lb 5oz! He will be 20lbs before we know it! He was also 26.5in long, and his head was 43.5cm around. Both of those put him in the 85th percentile, but he is off the charts for his weight! Basically the 99th percentile, since I'm sure he isn't the heaviest 4 month old in the world. He is one big dude! Daddy is proud. {And mommy, too.}

I am also really excited to say that two days ago I got my first Etsy order for the monthly onesie iron on designs!! I am so excited! OK, it's not THAT big of a deal. But it kind of is. Anyone else want month by month onesie iron ons for their babies?! Visit my shop at

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