Friday, June 29, 2012

Catch Up Again!

So I am a little behind on posting projects and such because we took a week to visit family back home in Louisiana and to get T Patrick baptized in the same church we got married in, and his sister was baptized in (St. Patrick's in New Orleans). I have read on blog land that you are not supposed to announce that you are leaving your house unattended for a week to the entire world via internet, so I didn't say anything here :-) I am still photography-shy from a childhood full of camera abuse by my mother, so sadly, I didn't bother people for too many pictures. But here are some that I did manage to take:
Here is four generations, Patrick, his grandmother holding little Patrick, and his mom, post baptism. 

Our family with Tpat's God parents, Patrick's little sister Jolie, and his cousin Mathew. 

Abigail and Patrick's cousin Stephen having fun in the pool! She LOVED the pool! She is totally fearless and walked right out to the edge of the diving board at the deep end several times (way to give momma a heart attack Abigial!). She jumped off the side of the pool into my arms for like 10 minutes, loved it when I lifted her up out the water and splashed her back down under it...she was like a fish! 

Overall we had a great trip and the kids did really well flying all day both times. It was nice to get to see family, and to be able to have our little boy baptized into the Church! 

In project news, I have started the tile around our bathtub and it looks awesome! I am so excited! Here is a sneak peak:
This picture was taken with my phone, so the quality's not great. Not that I make great photos with my fancy camera yet either! lol

That is just the back wall, obviously, and I have now done the same thing to the two side walls. All that is left to do is rent a wet saw on the next sunny day to cut down the pieces I need for the corners and edges, and then grout. Yay! This was actually a pretty quick and easy project. So far, anyway...we'll see how my attempt at using the wet saw goes. I made sure to take lots of step-by-step photos and will do a detailed post of how easy it is to do this very soon. 

Today, Patrick is off work and we are taking Abigail to an indoor bouncy house place for her birthday! I am so excited, she LOVES bouncy houses! She had her two year check up at the doctor yesterday, and is 26lbs and 34in tall. To put that in perspective, she weighs only 6lbs more than her 19 months younger brother. He is such a chunky monkey! We also discussed her lack of quality sleep with the doctor, and have an appointment this morning for an Xray of the soft tissue of her neck to see if anything is going on there, maybe causing sleep apnea or something. I am hoping for some answers so I can have my sweet little girl back, instead of this cranky super-tired toddler that drives me crazy!

That is about all the updates I have for now. Stay tuned for more progress on the tile, as well as a revelation I had about painting cabinets, AND some new bathroom storage. Exciting stuff, I know!!

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