Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Wheels

We have two beasty vehicles. We had a bouncing baby girl in June of 2010, and quickly figured out that having her in her carseat in the back of my beautiful 2-door brand new Accord would not be fun. Keeping in mind the fact that we want about 4 kids, we went out and bought the biggest vehicle we could find after selling my Accord. We found my 2006 Expedition all the way in Aberdeen, took it home and have had a love/hate relationship with it ever since. I loved having an Expedition, but this particular one came with some problems that we didn't see before purchasing, like a stupid air conditioner that according to Patrick only has two settings, "off and hurricane." And a power window motor about to poop out any second on the driver's side window. I go on Ft. Lewis a lot, so a working driver's side window is a must! And last but not least, the GAS. We have two gas guzzling vehicles, one of which is driving 18 miles to Fort Lewis and 18 miles home Well, except weekends. Most of the time. Anyway, with gas being over $4/gallon, we decided it was time to get something smaller and spend less money on gas since we don't have enough kids to necessitate our actually having the Expedition. I did lots of shopping around online, and settled on the Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner (same car). We finally came home with this lovely 2009 Mariner with only 39,000 miles (as opposed to my 85,500 mile Expedition!):

The power windows work great, and it has FOUR actual air conditioning settings that do indeed each feel different! It's a 4cyl so we are hoping to cut our gas bill down significantly!

Some day down the road, when I am knocked up with baby number 4, this snazzy little number will join our family: 
The redesigned Nissan Quest is the first minivan I have seen that has a body style that is somewhat acceptable to me, and has all the convenience and functionality of a minivan! I am not gonna lie, I'm kind of excited about it....Does that make me a loser? A mom? A little of both? I never in my life thought I would be excited about a minivan...

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