Sunday, July 15, 2012

Freebies! and a Miracle

Sorry for the tease in the title, but this post is not about freebies for any readers...I'm not famous enough for that yet! (However, if anyone reading this would like for me to review something, or use my blog to promote something feel free to contact me!)

What I'm talking about is all the free stuff I scored at Lowes yesterday! I went in just to price out having two more pieces of glass cut to match the piece I stole out of an old 11x14 frame and used in my new homemade frame. I asked the salesman about acrylic too, because I thought maybe it would be cheaper.  Well it turned out to be a LOT cheaper, because he had a bunch of scraps already there, and cut me two pieces for free! :-) Abigail was with me, and also got a free wooden toy to put together at home. It was their kid project for the day, and the lady who was taking the toys to set up walked past us and showed it to Abigail. It was a "Kung Fu Panda" on a stick that swiveled. Not the coolest toy ever, but Abigail was excited about the "PADA" so the lady gave us one to take home. Patrick put it together, and now this guy lives on our kitchen table, until it winds up on the ground and Stewie eats it.

And now for the miracle...

Abigail held her bubba all by herself on the couch yesterday for a few whole minutes AND SMILED while I took her picture!!! I am so excited! This NEVER happens!

Our photo shoot started like this:

Looking at the TV like usual, trying to figure out why the picture and sound goes away every time mommy gets out the camera.

Then she miraculously looked at me and did THIS:


(No, they are not the same picture...I promise. But I do have about 5 more that look just like these two. Just call me Patti Perkins. (That's my mom, and for those of you who don't know her, she is camera-crazy. For real. (How many parenthetical notations can I make inside eachother?? Should I stop?)))

Then when I thought we could call it done and had turned off my camera, she started giving Bubba the cutest sugars ever! So I pull my camera back up and by then I kind of missed the moment. I asked her to give him some more sugars, but all the pictures I got just look like she is torturing him. But here they are anyway for your viewing pleasure.

Disclaimer: No babies were harmed during the making of these photos.


  1. so stinking cute! love these babies :)

  2. I thought the shopping cart picture the other day was pretty she'd gotten the hang of muggin' for the camera. Such sweeties!