Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Ok I am not the best carpenter in the world, and maybe next time I shouldn't be rushing around making secret beds before my husband gets home from work. My pretty bed started to get a little not so pretty after two nights of sleeping on it. My flush joints started to become un-flush as the weight of our super heavy tempurpedic and boxes pushed the bottoms of the 2x6s out of the soft pine legs. Woops.

But never fear, I have a new plan! I learned some things while putting this bed together. Things like, I need a very long drill bit for drilling pilot holes through the pocket holes. And that I might need a new phillips drill bit, that is also longer because my current one keeps stripping all my screws. Or maybe it's just me. 

Anyway, I came across a blogpost yesterday where someone else built a super cute bed, and said they would be posting a very detailed how-to the next day (today). What a coincidence! It must be fate, I tell you because I love this bed frame and it looks so nice and simple! So here is my new plan. It looks much more sturdy than my original plan. I am so mad at the guy from Lowes who talked me into getting only 5 1x4s for the slats. Those things are so weak! I had gone in asking for 7 2x4s, and he was all "oh no, that's overkill, just use these, and you probably only need like four." I will definitely be getting 2x4s, and lots more of them this time around.

I don't know when I will get started yet, but sometime this week I'm sure. Patrick's work is really going to slow down starting today so I am hoping to get my friend Lindsey's curtains finished then get to work on this bed frame! 

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