Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let's Talk About Vacuums

This 1980's hideous awesomeness will soon be coming to live at my house! And I am actually SUPER excited about it!! My current vacuum just bit the dust a few days ago, and my parents were nice enough to foot the bill for the majority of this bad boy from their dealer in Tulsa. It will be shipped to my house for FREE and have a TEN year warranty! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to have a vacuum cleaner that is guaranteed for TEN YEARS! Can you tell how excited I am?????!!!!!

I can't believe I am so excited about a vacuum cleaner. I think that's how you know you are an old lady. Excited for a vacuum cleaner at age 25. But guess what. My mom has had her vacuum like this for 25 years. WHICH MEANS....I could still be using this vacuum cleaner when I have grand children. Sah-weet! Looking at my record so far with vacuums (two for about $200 in the last 4 years) this vacuum cleaner will have paid for itself in like 8 years, and anything after that is just awesome free vacuuming!!

Since I burned everyone's eyeballs with that hideous vacuum photo above, here is a picture of my little fruit thief at the grocery store:

I turn my head for 5 seconds to grab some peaches, and I must have had the cart too close to the produce, because when I turned back around she had taken a nectarine and already eaten two bites. At least my girl loves good food! It could definitely be worse!

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  1. my mom has two of these beasts (one for upstairs, one for downstairs). they work like a champ...i seriously think she has had the same one as long as i can remember, and then she got the second as a gift from her mom when i was in middle school or something. it should last you a good long time!!!