Friday, July 6, 2012

{Almost} Finished Backsplashes!

I am really excited to have ALMOST completed my very first tile installation! I was feeling motivated this morning, and demo'd the tile backsplash around the sinks in our bathroom before I dropped Abigail off at daycare. I hadn't originally planned on doing that part this soon because I thought I would have to take the mirror down in order to knock of the tile, but I figured out a way to do it without taking off the mirror. I knocked the tiles from each side off easy peasy, but the back wall was tricky because there was wall on one side. and mirror on top, so my options were limited in terms of crow-bar placement. (I was hammering a crow bar between the tiles and the wall to pry them off.) Then I got the bright idea to take off the outlet cover and start there where I had some space and an exposed edge of tile to work with. Well I grabbed the outlet to pull it out of the way a little after removing the cover, and it turns out those screws on the top with copper wire around them have electricity running through them. Yep, I sure did electrocute myself, y'all. It wasn't terrible though, my arm started tingling and I was like "huh that's weird...Oh! I think I'm being electrocuted..." So, moral of the story: don't touch the screws on the top of the outlet.

Moving on...backsplash demo'd. Filled in some holes with caulk so they could dry while I ran errands. Sadly, another daycare session not spent working on Lindsey's curtains. But hey, we needed pork from the commissary. Gotta eat to make curtains! (I can only sew when Abigail is at daycare because currently her bedroom is the only place I can sew in our house.) Sidetracked again...Anyway, I picked Abigail up from daycare at 12:15 and went to Home Depot to rent a wet saw. (I had already tried the Lowes right down the street, but they don't rent tools. Darn.) Fast forward an entire afternoon and here is where I ended up:
(Bonus: a nice view in the mirror of the pile of socks that need to be matched and put away on the dresser!) 

Can I just say that cutting little pieces of glass mosaic on a big saw is not very easy? Because it's not. It's actually pretty hard. But I did a good enough job I think, and it should look pretty darn good once it's grouted! 

I will post a more detailed post on how I did all this very soon, as well as a post about Abigail's birthday and some 4th of July photos! But for now it's late and I need to get some sleep!

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