Sunday, May 20, 2012

Potty, Pins & Pictures

We had a huge event in our house yesterday. HUGE. Abigail told me "poop!" then grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom! I plopped her on the potty on top of her kiddie seat cushion, then we waited. And waited. She was all kinds of excited, asking for sugars every 5 seconds, smiling so big I could see all of her teeth. She was SO proud. Except she never actually pooped. But she sure thought about it! I'm thinking this is a big, good step in the right direction toward potty training! With any luck, she will be potty trained to at least poop in the toilet by the time bubba starts eating solids (at which time I will be switching to disposables with him). Then Abigail can go back to cloth since she will hopefully just be using diapers for peeing. Fingers crossed!

In other news, I made this:

I had this frame in her room before; it was black, and had ribbons strung across the opening to clip her bows to. Except Abigail doesn't wear bows because I failed at girly-mommyhood when she was a baby and never got her used to having something on her head at all times. So she just takes them out and hands them to me whenever I try to put bows in her hair. Sigh. Anyway, I found a very small pin of baby feet in an old purse, and I know they were important and that I got them around the time she was born, I just can't remember where they came from...woops. Mom fail #2. Or 2 million. I wanted somewhere to keep it that it could be displayed and not get lost. Ah-ha! Pin board. I just spray painted it and used some leftover fabric from her curtains.

Bubba got a new toy on Thursday.

He loves it! He is past the stage where he is ok laying in his bouncy seat when I need to get things done, and he arches out of his bumbo, which seems a bit dangerous, so we have graduated to exersaucer. He thinks it is the bee's knees. I love it too, because Abigail plays with him in it. Well, mostly she plays with the toys and he watches her while he smiles and laughs. Sometimes he plays with the toys too. It's wonderful. I really have to keep an eye on the dog when he's in it though, he keeps trying to chew on poor Bubba's feet!

In other news, I have discovered photo editing. It's so cool to take my crappy pictures and make them look better! I am trying out a free trial of Lightroom and Photoshop Elements for 30 days to see which I would like to buy. Anyone feel free to weigh in on which one you use, and why you prefer it! I know there are a lot of people out there who are hobby photographers and real photographers, so if you're reading this, please help a sister out!

And because she's awesome, here's a picture of Abigail to round out the day:


  1. The tiny pin of baby's feet is a pro-life pin. It show how big they are at 10 weeks.

    Thanks for doing this. I've become an AVID blog reader. Shows the "creeper" in me. :-)

    1. Oh it must have been from an early doctor's appointment, my midwives work out of a catholic hospital. :-)